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Calibration Results

SBC Flats
SBC Darks
SBC Throughput
HRC1 Temp. Stability
HRC1 Darks
HRC1 Bias Frames
HRC1 Gain
WFC1 Temp. Stability
WFC1 noise

Internal Lamps
Deuterium lamp
Tungsten lamps

Prism dispersion

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Calibration Results & Products: TV1

  1. Detector Properties
    1. SBC
      1. Flats:
        Raw and "P-flats" for all filters, features, wavelength response, repeatability, defect level.
      2. Darks:
        Dark rate, vs. time, vs. TSBC, vs. MCP current, dark structure, model, hot pixels.
      3. Throughput:
        Calibration, monitor vs. time, throughput vs. filter.
    2. HRC [Build 1]:
      1. Min stable TCCD vs. interface plate T
      2. Darks:
        Dark structure, Hot pixels vs. TCCD, Dark rate vs. TCCD
      3. Bias frames
        Bias level vs. gain, stability, readnoise vs. gain, Superbias and its application (?)
      4. Gain measurements
      5. Charge Transfer Efficiency
        CTE vs. exposure level, TCCD, uncertainty
    3. WFC [Build 1]:
      1. Min stable TCCD vs. interface plate T
      2. Noise problems
  2. Internal calibration system verification:
    WFC, HRC, and SBC count rates vs. filter, comparison with model, D2 lamp degradation, improvements to D2 lamp filter.
    1. Tungsten lamps (HRC, WFC)
    2. Deuterium lamp (SBC)
  3. Geometry (WFC, HRC, SBC)
    FOV location, plate scale, distortion
  4. Dispersers (prisms and grism)
    Relative pixel vs. wavelength, comparison to model, Flux vs. order distribution.
    1. UV Prisms (SBC, HRC)
    2. Grism (HRC, WFC)
  5. Filter throughput (component level results)